I'm Luca, wedding and events photographer and videographer. I'm very lucky because my passion and my work coincide: I'm always looking for stories to tell through images. You can also choose FPS Team for your family memories, to present your business or promote your next artistic project. I live and work in Tuscany, in a little town between the sea and the Apuan Alps. I love cinema, animals and walking in the nature with my wife. Ah, I have a thing for cats too!

The acronym FPS means "Frames Per Second". A technical term indicating the rate at which frames are captured or played back that for me has acquired from the beginning also an emotional value. Whether it is a single image - like a beautiful photograph of Sebastiao Salgado or Vincent Munier - or a sequence of frames - and here I think about Sergio Leone, Mario Monicelli and Paolo Sorrentino - we will always find the single frame at the base of the composition chasing the best light and the magic of the story.